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November 22, 2022


Istanbulkart offers students discounted transportation fares for each ride across all modes of transit in Istanbul, except for “Dolmuş” which accepts cash only.

You can use your Istanbulkart in all member businesses and corporations with Istanbulkart Electronic Toll Collection System integration. It is as easy to use as placing your card on the Istanbulkart card readers found on cashier’s desks (Istanbulkart process centers) of member businesses in the areas of retailing and service that accept payments via Istanbulkat , and on the card readers found on the turnstiles or validator devices found on public transportation vehicles (Bus, IETT, Subway, Tram, Cable Car, Marmaray, Metrobus, Ferry, etc.).

The device collects the price charged at that ceter, and gives an audio-visual warning (pass/collection screen or confirmation sound). If your balance is not sufficient, or if there is another issue with your card, the device warns youan  of invalid transaction with a visual or audio warning.

You will not get charged more than once if you continue to hold your card on the reader. The card must be scanned more than once for each payment. If you raise your Istanbulkart and put it back on, the second payment will be made. The amount of the second payment will vary depending on the type of your card, the vehicle you are on, the service you are receiving, and the pricing policy of the member business. You can see the payment amount and the remaining balance on the screen of the card reader.

An amazing tour of Turkey awaits you at Miniaturk with Istanbulkart.

With your Istanbulkart, you can buy a ticket to Miniaturk, and get on a magnificent tour of Turkey by examining the identical miniature models of the important architectural works of Turkey.

Istanbulkart allows to make payments across 30,000 new food & drink centers that accept MultiNet meal card.

Remember that you can only APPLY ONLINE


Required Documents

  1. Passport/Residence Permit card.
  2. 1 photograph.
  3. Your original student ID card/Student Certificate (in Turkish).
  4. About 60 TL for PTT cargo. You can pay the Istanbulkart fee in cash or by credit card on your visit to the Application Center.

Istanbul Card is a contactless smartcard designed to be used on the vehicles of Istanbul. You can use this card on every public transportation. We recommend you get one of these cards to ease your travels and pay less.
You can apply online, or you can visit one of the Istanbul Card Application Centre. You need your residence card/passport, a student certificate, and a passport photo. After you get your Istanbul Card, you can top up and pay as you go or you can top up a discounted monthly travel card, which gives you 200 travels in a month for 110 TRY in 2022.

Please visit the following links to see the application centers for Istanbul Card and bus routes.

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