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Student accommodation in Istanbul has several varieties that suit diverse needs and economic capabilities. The most significant difference is the luxury rate that affords extra services and premium services for lodgers. Meanwhile, international students could choose what matches their aspirations for the next four years of new life’s page. Down below, you can read more about the student

Rent an Apartment

Student housing and accommodation for students in İstanbul is renting a residential property in Istanbul that comes in two suitable types: flexible studios or 1+1 apartments. That sort of housing will deliver more privacy for students who wish to have their property with unlimited access all day. However, our staff will assist you in locating the most suitable university housing close to the campus or in the neighborhood of your college. Plus, furnishing the property in case you rent a flat in Istanbul, also the essential services that come after renting a property in Istanbul, such as operating the electricity, water, and gas.

Private housing

Accommodations for university students in Istanbul have several options divided between private university housing affiliated with the private University, with additional annual fees added to the course's tuition.

Government Housing

is the University's housing affiliated with the Turkish Government; it's called (Öğrenci Yurdu) in Turkish. The state's student hostel in Istanbul can be found all around the city, within the critical spots near the governmental and private universities' campuses and the active transportation meeting points, to gain easy accessibility and comfortable moveability for students. Governmental student housing in Istanbul is an affordable option that offers single rooms or beds within a shared room for rent, with equipment such as a study desk, closet, and shared bathroom.

Legal procedures

Applying for a student residence permit in Turkey, extracting health insurance in Istanbul, opening a bank account in Turkey for students, and more will be guided by our professional team, who will guide from the first day for you in Turkey.

Each section step will require legal documents; our team will inform you in advance before heading to Turkey about each stage in detail to be well-prepared and ready for the next steps.

The student residence permit in Turkey

The procedures for the student residence permit in Turkey:

Each nationality has different procedures for applying for the student’s residence permit; however, The fixed procedures start with gathering the required legal documents, which also depend on the student’s nationality.

The next step is submitting the student residency application and waiting for an appointment sent by the Immigration Department in Istanbul (Göç İdaresi).

But all of these seemingly complicated details are a little complicated; Study Steps will work to solve them and accompany you from the journey’s beginning until receiving the student residence card in Istanbul.

The required legal documents for the student residence permit in Turkey:

  • Student Passport
  • A copy of the last entry stamp to Turkey
  • A copy of the entry visa to Turkey
  • 4 biometric photos + PDF
  • Turkish mobile number
  • Student’s email
  • Oğrencı Belgesi (Student certificate)
  • High school certificate
  • The father and mother’s names, if there are not registered on the passport
  • The address at which the residence application will be submitted must be the address taken from an official invoice
  • A copy of the rental contract

Extracting health insurance in Istanbul

The procedures for extracting health insurance in Istanbul:

The procedures for extracting health insurance in Istanbul consider a piece of cake; while there’s no need to collect any legal documents, a passport copy will be only required.

The required legal documents for extracting health insurance in Istanbul:

  • Passport copy of the applicant’s student

Opening a bank account in Turkey for students

The procedures for opening a bank account in Turkey for students:

The procedures for opening a bank account in Turkey for students are changeable, while nationality and bank play rules in the finalizing procedures of opening a bank account for students in Istanbul. However, Study Step will also assist you in accumulating the necessary documents and selecting a suitable bank according to various crucial elements.

The required legal documents for opening a bank account in Turkey for students:

  • Student Passport
  • Turkish tax number
  • Residence permit, if any, to establish a family registration; in the absence of a residence permit,
     the application form must be brought to the residence application
  • In the absence of family registration, an address in the home country must be presented
     with a regular document (water or electricity bill)