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Learning a second language becomes a core stage within your educational and professional career. Turkish universities and some international schools imposed craritrea or accepted students regarding language capacities.

But one of the most frequent challenges international students face when arriving in Istanbul is knowing the accredited certificates for international languages. English is considered the second language in Turkey within Turkish public and private universities and the Turkish language. It also imposes on international students full proficiency through enrollment courses affiliated with its prestigious public universities.


Therefore, we will tell you about the essential international exams approved for both the English and Turkish languages and the steps you must follow to join the schools teaching the guaranteed language in terms of the efficiency of the educational staff and the level of high academic education.

What is TOFEL Exam ?

A standardized test called the Test of English as a Foreign Language assesses the English language proficiency of non-native speakers looking to enroll in universities that use English. Over 11,000 universities and institutions in more than 190 countries recognize the test.

The Educational Testing Service (ETS), a non-profit private company organization that creates and delivers exams, is the owner of the TOEFL trademark. Official score reports are generated by ETS and are provided separately to universities. They are valid for two years after the test.

International students who want to enroll in private or public Turkish universities and study their academic departments in English must have a TOEFL English proficiency certificate.

But it is worth noting that every University in Turkey, private or governmental, sets standards for students’ admission, including providing an English language proficiency certificate. Universities in Turkey individually set a minimum score for the TOEFL exam and validity date, which should not be older than two years from the date of issue.

What is IELTS Exam ?

IELTS is the test of choice for people wishing to immigrate to countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. More than 11,000 corporations, universities, schools, and immigration organizations worldwide, including 3,400 institutions in the USA, recognize it.

International students must possess an IELTS English proficiency certificate to enroll in private or public Turkish universities and pursue academic programs there in English.


However, it is essential to remember that every Turkish University, whether public or private, has requirements for applicants, one of which is proof of English language ability. Each University in Turkey has its requirements for the IELTS exam minimum score and validity period, which cannot exceed two years from the date of issuing.

What is TÖMER Exam ?

One of the ways to get a Turkish residency as a student is to enroll in Istanbul Turkish language classes at reputable institutions approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

These courses, which lead to a reasonable degree in Istanbul Turkish, are called TOMER correction. Now, follow our post today to know what TOMER is, how it differs from other courses, and what they do.

Tomer stands for Türkçe Öğretim Merkezi and means Turkish Language Learning Center. This center, one of the first prestigious centers in this field, was designed and established in 1984 by Ankara University.

The constant use of TOMER correction to learn Istanbul Turkish or to get a degree is that this has been the most prestigious center for this work since ancient times. Thus this correction has been placed this way for all courses and all Turkish language documents. Like Rica, which was the first brand of dishwashing liquid, we now call all dishwashing liquids, regardless of their brand, Rica.

Tomer exam preparation courses, held by Tomer branches all over Turkey, are among the most prestigious courses. The Tomer exam is one of the most prestigious Istanbul Turkish language exams.

This degree or other documents held by universities or institutions approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education is a prerequisite for entering Turkish language universities.

How to register for language exams in Turkey ?

One of the biggest dilemmas international students encounter in Turkey is finding a reliable and accredited language institute in Turkey, Istanbul. Therefore, Study Steps is working to nominate multiple of the most prestigious and trusted institutes for you, which grant accredited language certificates globally, but within the following steps:

Depending on the foreign language the student wishes to study in Turkey, whether English or Turkish, we will present a comparative study displaying the finest language institutes in Istanbul regarding international accreditation, fees, and location.

The legal documents required for registering language schools in Istanbul are relatively simple, as the international student must submit a copy of the passport or the student's tourist residence permit. You will also be required to fill out the registration form only for first-time registration.

The last step to complete the registration is to pay the course fees, which are paid either monthly or in one payment.