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Advantages and disadvantages of Studying in Turkey

November 22, 2022

Advantages and disadvantages of Studying in Turkey

Foreign students are increasingly turning to the option of studying in Turkey because of its culture and its environment that hosts all kinds of students. Also because of their educational level, as 5 Turkish universities were classified among the best international universities. In this article, we will be explaining the rest of the advantages of studying in Turkey and the types of Turkish schools and universities.


Advantages of Studying in Turkey

  • High-quality education

Degree from a Turkish university is globally recognized which makes it easier to find work anywhere.

  • Living Cost

Living cost in Turkey is considerably lower than the other European countries.

  • Public transportation

Turkey offers all university students a special transportation card that offers discounts on public transportation fares.

  • Student visa

As soon as the students receive their final acceptance letter and with all the proper documents they can apply for a student visa at the Turkish embassy in their country, and the success rate for a student visa to Turkey is higher than in other major education hubs.

  • Scholarships in Turkey

The Turkish government scholarship is considered one of the most sought-after scholarships in the world, it covers the tuition fee for the whole program, Turkish language courses, and health insurance for students allowing them to receive treatment in governmental hospitals for free. One of the most popular scholarships in Turkey is the YTB scholarship its application calendar starts in January.

  • Friendly people

The people of Turkey are so friendly and you would never feel as foreign while you are in Turkey.



Disadvantages of Studying in Turkey

  • Turkish language

Turkish language is considered less popular globally in comparison with English language or French language, however, governmental universities offer the majority of their program in Turkish language.

  • Social communication

If you live in Turkey, you must learn its language because most Turkish people don’t speak English, which creates a gap between foreign students and people due to miscommunication.

  • Rent prices

Rent prices in Turkey are increasing exponentially and it becomes harder each year for students to find suitable accommodation during their studies.






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