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International Schools

International Schools

In Turkey and Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara, there’s an uncountable figure of international schools, private schools, and affiliated foreign governments that are free of charge but impose specific entrance examinations that examine the language capacity of the international student. However, each educational institution has exceptional privileges such as educational orientation, international credibility, professional curriculum, etc.

Study Step worked on gathering a long list that involves all the alternatives of international schools in Turkey. A comparative study that shows the unique features of each school, annual expenses, and fees, plus international ranking and the knowledge you must gain before deciding which school suits your child and your aspiration of education in Turkey.
Also, there’s an option for parents aiming to move to Turkey and looking for a healthy environment for their kids to learn Turkish and figure language and still gain high-quality education. The private Turkish school list is also rich, involving excellent alternatives all around Istanbul and the other mega-cities. Study Step’s team will also add a detailed analytical study about the subject to comprehend all the different varieties and choose what fits you and your child’s capacity.

School Name Nationality Location Instruction Language Annual fees
The British International School Istanbul
British affiliated UK government
English Language
+40,000 TL
Lycée Français Pierre Loti d'Istanbul
French affiliated France government
+40,000 TL

The Fully-International Schools:

The fully-International schools in Turkey are affiliated with foreign governments, and the educational curriculum and instruction staff are foreign. For instance, The British School in Turkey is one of the international schools affiliated with the British Education Ministry of the United Kingdom of Britain. Both the curriculum and the teaching staff are imported from Britain.

Also, in the French and German international schools in Istanbul, the language of instruction is German, in addition to the German curricula provided by German teaching staff, with International educational confessions.

In addition to the German, French, and British schools, there are numerous other foreign schools, such as the Italian, Russian, and many others.

The most notable feature of fully-international schools is that they work to develop students’ language skills significantly, to be able to speak and practice foreign languages ​​as their second language or mother tongue. Since the student is registered in these schools at a young age, starting from the primary stage or nursery school.

But what must be taken into consideration, some international schools in Turkey impose an entrance exam on their students, and each school has its version of the entrance exam.

In addition, some of these schools charge annual installments and others do not. The free charges of them require students to maintain a high level of academic performance, in addition to requiring their new students to pass an entrance exam upon registration.

A significant majority of international schools in Turkey have pre-entrance tests that examine academic skills such as mathematics and language. However, each school in Istanbul has its educational standards. Meanwhile, not all international schools in Istanbul impose pre-entrance tests for new applicants. Depending on the average score, the student will be accepted or not.

Therefore, If the exam is passed successfully, the first step towards finalizing the registration has been gained.

Study Steps will surely guide you by explaining the Enrolling requirements of each school, so your child will be ready and powerfully equipped as possible, so we guarantee a successful beginning and the first step of a shiny future.

Suppose the student has not been registered in international schools in Turkey since the first years of essential education, within the primary school or the nursery stage.

In that case, the student will be requested to demonstrate a foreign language proficiency certificate based on the teaching language in that school. It is worth noting that this is not a general rule.

It may differ from one school to another and from one student to another, as each student is treated individually, according to his\her nationality, educational background, and mother tongue.

Study Steps
will instruct you by affording the best language school in Istanbul. So, your child will be well-prepared and powerfully qualified; meanwhile, we can ensure a prosperous beginning for the first stages of a shiny academic future.

After the student's language level is approved and they have passed the pre-entrance exam in the school, he\she is ready to start the registration process in that international school by submitting the required legal documents, such as the student's last certificate within the last education stage.

All official documents must be sealed and signed by the Ministry of Education in the student's country, in addition to stamping the documents and ratifying them by the Turkish Ministry of Education if the school's board requests that in the first place.

Free-Charges International Schools

(Lycée Saint-Joseph) French School, the (Deutsche Schule Istanbul) German School, and the (Liceo Italiano IMI) Italian school in Istanbul are all European schools in Istanbul. They deliver educational curricula within their foreign languages, such as German, Italian and French.

The most important characteristic of these schools is that they do not charge annual premiums for students but rather impose high academic educational standards and set acceptance exams for each linguistic and technical skill to choose the most qualified and talented applicants.

There are many steps that the student must follow to enter these schools; below, there is a detailed explanation of all the steps, starting from correspondence with schools and communicating with student affairs, ending with obtaining a seat in one of these prestigious schools.

Pre-entrance exams are required for most free-charge international schools, which also look at exceptional academic abilities, including language and arithmetic.

Therefore, every school in Istanbul has its own set of academic requirements. Meanwhile, the first step towards completing the registration is achieved if the exam is entrance passed successfully.

Study Steps will undoubtedly lead you by outlining the enrollment requirements of each institution, ensuring that your child is as prepared and well-equipped as possible for a good start and the first step toward a bright future.

International schools in Turkey that do not require annual registration fees work to adopt a policy of selecting the best students in terms of educational level and high academic abilities, such as language and arithmetic skills. Therefore, international schools impose multiple exams that demonstrate the skills and competencies of new students.

But it is worth noting that each school has an independent education strategy, as some schools require a language proficiency certificate and some do not. Some schools are working to subject new students to a preparatory year for foreign language proficiency.

Study Step
again will inform you as parents about all these details by providing an analytical study explaining the significant differences for each school so that parents can decide what fits their children well.

The student is prepared to begin the registration process in that international school by submitting the necessary legal documents, such as the student's recent certificate, once their language proficiency has been approved and they have passed the pre-entrance exam in the school.

All official documents must be stamped and ratified by the Turkish Ministry of Education and sealed and signed by the Ministry of Education in the student's home country if the school board requests that in the first place.