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Undergraduate Services

We provide guidance and a range of services for Private and Public Universities

Private Turkish Universities

The registration process in private universities is easy and doesn't require much effort or the need to register for entrance exams. Still, a language proficiency certificate must be shown whether the language of study is English or Turkish. The standards may vary from one university to another, so here we will tell you the steps in detail for private universities in Turkey

Our team will contact you through an appropriate channel to learn more about the top alternatives to Turkish universities. Students can select the institution and program they want to enroll in to register. Within this step, we'll provide a comparative study of annual expenses for governmental and private universities in Turkey, an international ranking of the several alternatives, academic credibility, and International accreditations by universities worldwide.

The second step will be based on the success of the previous step, where you determine what suits your academic aspirations and match your financial capacity for both university fees and accommodation.

In Turkey, each university has its required legal documents and records; meanwhile, we'll inform you about the documents you should share to accumulate the application and send it to the university.

The selected university will examine and evaluate your application in terms of credibility and truthfulness of legally sent papers from your side that must be stamped by both the Ministry of Education in your country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs simultaneously.            

Receiving the admission letter from the selected university is the fundamental stone that ensures a successful registration process. The selected university will send you by email the admission letter that involves the Bank's information.

Also, the Invitation letter to apply for a visa at the Turkish embassy in case you need to obtain a visa to enter Turkey will be sent to you via email. 

Private universities in Turkey oblige you to send a deposit of not less than 500 $ to reserve your seat for the first year. You should share the transaction receipt to confirm your registration.

Transferring the first-semester tuition fees is the last step; in the meantime, you will be waiting to receive the entry visa to Turkey and packing the baggage to move to Turkey.

You can choose our packages according to your preferences, such as:

  1. Finding proper accommodation nearby your campuse
  2. Completing the routine procedures, such as connecting water, electricity,
     and gas to the new apartment
  3. Transfer from the airport to your new residence

Governmental Turkish Universities

Like many metropolises worldwide, Turkey possesses significant figures and a variety of universities in diverse disciplines ranging from aviation engineering, astronomy, and medicine to various colleges and vocational institutes. However, each educational institution in Turkey has specific acceptance terms and conditions.
The admission requirements among universities in Turkey vary depending on whether the university is public or private. For instance, the Bachelor's degree within the government universities in Turkey imposes an entrance exam on international students known as YÖS (Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı) and YKS (Yüksek Öğretim Kurumları Sınavı) for Graduate Studies.
That is why Study Steps will guide you also in this step to find *the best educational and academic institutions that offer a significant variety of course Entrance Examination for International Students.


Here is the university admission exams list within Turkish public universities

Dedicated to Bachelor’s Program

YÖS (Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı) is an examination organized by Turkish state universities to study undergraduate or pre-license in Turkey.

The average of your exam results will determine your enrollment in State public colleges. You aren’t required to take this exam at private universities, however.

At times set by each university (often in April and May), YOS tests are given in various foreign languages, primarily Turkish and English.

Dedicated to Bachelor’s Program

The SAT, which stands for “Scholastic Assessment Test,” is an entrance exam for students wishing to enroll in undergraduate programs at institutions across the globe, particularly those in the US and Canada. It is a written exam with paper and pencil that assesses the candidates’ language and mathematical reasoning abilities.

The SAT takes between three and three and a half and three hours for those who do not take the essay portion and three hours and fifty minutes for those who do.

Dedicated to Master and Ph.D. programs

The OSYM in Turkey administers the Foreign Language Knowledge Level Determination Exam, known as the YDS (Turkish: Yabanc Dil Bilgisi Seviye Tespit Snav), to determine proficiency, notably among government servants.

The state provides public employees and state agencies with additional income depending on their exam results. The state also uses this evaluation process to appoint foreign candidates.


Dedicated to Ph.D. Programs

The Graduate Management Admission Test is a computerized adaptive test (CAT) designed to evaluate specific analytical, writing, linguistic, and reading abilities in the English language for use in admission to a graduate management program.


Steps to enrolling in Turkish public universities

By passing the selected entrance exam in Turkish universities, you will have completed your first step towards finalizing your registration and reserving your seat in one of the Turkish public universities.

Your final scores in the admission tests for international students will determine several factors, the most influential of which are:

  1. The university's Location: you should remember that some metropolitan areas in Turkey require a high standard of professional academic qualifications, such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.

    Therefore, if your final score isn't perfect, winning a seat as an international student in one of the public universities within mentioned cities would be hard.

  2. Academic Specialization: if you're planning to study medicine or engineering programs in public universities in Turkey, you must consider a very high score in the entrance exams, whether the YOS or the YDS.

Turkish public universities provide several languages for education other than Turkish, such as English, German, French, and Russian. But international students must illustrate a language capacity certificate, whether the studying language is English, so TOFEL or IELTS will be required, or TOMER in case Turkish is the program's language.

Sending your legal documents, such as the high school diploma, listed grades of entrance examination copy, passport colored and stamped copy, and other official documents, will be required to finish the registration. The student affairs of a public university in Turkey will examine your documents and will be orienting you to the next steps of finishing your registration.

The student affairs within the selected public university in Turkey will share with you via email the final acceptance letter and the visa letter in case you need an invitation request as an international student.

By reaching this registration level, we're happy to announce that you're one step away from starting your study life in Turkey. Study Steps will guide you within this step and accompany you till the end of the journey. All you should do is find yourself comfortable *accommodation nearby the campus.