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November 26, 2022


People who come to Turkey as international students are required to have health insurance during their official residence. There are two types of health insurance. If you want, you can go to any private health insurance agency and make use of policies tailored for foreigners. Keep in mind that the coverage of these policies is limited and is only valid in hospitals where the insurance company is contracted!

Another option is General Health Insurance (GSS). This type of insurance, governed by the Social Security Institution of the Republic of Turkey, will give you the right to benefit from treatment in all state hospitals free of charge. In this way, you can get your prescription medications by paying a very low amount of contribution. The most important point to note with GSS is that you must make your application within three months following your university registration.

Renewal of your private or general health insurance every year is both a legal necessity and will save you from paying the treatment fee for an unexpected health problem.

All universities in Turkey have their own health centers. In these centers, which are generally known as MEDİKO, all students can easily perform basic health checks and medical examinations. You can contact the university’s relevant departments for detailed information about health center of your university.

Students usually receive an SGK number upon the registration at the health authority.

Medical insurance allows you to buy your medicine by paying 20% of the total amount prescribed by the doctor. There are many state and private hospitals in Turkey. The cost that you are going to pay depends on the pricing policy of each hospital. Some of the hospitals wok under complete agreements with SGK insurance and some of them require extra costs which are not covered by the SGK insurance.

You may arrange your private health insurance through the following insurance companies. The main insurance companies have branches in all the big towns.

•  Ak Sigorta : www.aksigorta.com.tr
•  Anadolu Sigorta : www.anadolusigorta.com.tr
•  Axaoyak : www.axaoyak.com.tr
•  Basak Sigorta : www.basak.com.tr
•  Finans Sigorta : www.finanssigorta.com.tr
•  Gunes Sigorta : www.gunessigorta.com.tr
•  Ihlas Sigorta : www.ihlassigorta.com.tr
•  Isvicre Sigorta : www.isvicre-sigorta.com.tr
•  Yapi Kredi Sigorta : www.yksigorta.com.tr

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