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DOs and DON’Ts in Turkey

November 22, 2022

DOs and DON’Ts in Turkey

Student life in Turkey is interesting because it not only consists of studying, it consists also of fun, making friends, some interesting and useful programs for students and also here there are always some conferences and seminars for students across the universities.

In this article we are going to write about DOs and DON’Ts in Turkey .

1.TRY TO START PREPARATIONS AT THE LATEST FROM THE 9TH GRADE. This will both guarantee your admission to the top universities and increase your chances of earning a scholarship. Therefore, the sooner you start, the more comfortable it will be for you.

2. LEARN TURKISH! DO IT IMMEDIATELY, If you live in Turkey, you must learn its language because most Turkish people don’t speak English, which creates a gap between foreign students and the people due to miscommunication.

3. DON’T STRESS, EMBRACE THE JOURNEY! Starting university is an exciting and milestone step for all of us, however, do not let the stress and the worry overshadow the joy and excitement of this period.


5. DO NOT BELIEVE the assumptions that people tell you that private universities are bad and unrecognized. The world’s top-ranked universities have always been private. Of course, there are good states.

6. The passing scores you see on university websites do not mean that you will be accepted if you have that many scores. Admission is not possible, especially if you have a passing score at or slightly above the passing score in public universities. Because there are a lot of applications and your score does not keep up with the competition compared to others. Therefore, it is useful to be careful when applying.

7. “WITH A SINGLE CERTIFICATE”, IT IS NOT TRUE, but you still take a language exam at the university in order not to study.

8. Absolutely for a master’s degree ALES DO NOT BELIEVE PEOPLE WHO SAY YOU HAVE TO GIVE. Not all universities in Turkey require ALES from foreign students. There are some universities, they require. The main student is an average and an English language exam (TOEFL or YDS). If you have passed ALES, if you have not passed the English language test, your ALES score is invalid. But if you have an English exam, if you do not have ALES, you can submit your documents to many universities.


10. START APPLYING EARLY, you will be successful in submitting your documents by December when you are in 11th grade.

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